Director's Independent Conceptual Design and CD-1 Readiness Review of LBNE

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The Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) Project team has prepared a Conceptual Design for a world-class facility that will enable the scientific community to carry out a compelling research program in neutrino physics. The ultimate goal in the operation of the facility and experimental program is to measure fundamental physical parameters, explore physics beyond the Standard Model and better elucidate the nature of matter and antimatter.

The brief introduction on LBNE contains additional information.

On this Review Documentation Home page we list documents pertaining to the LBNE Project as a whole. Documents pertaining specifically to Beamline, Near Detector Complex, Far Detector, Near Site CF or Far Site CF are linked from those individual pages (see navigation bar at left).

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LBNE Conceptual Design Documents

Title LBNE-doc-# Title LBNE-doc-#
FESHM Chapter 1070 - Fermilab Work Smart Set (8/2011) n/a Value Engineering Report 3082
LBNE Physics Research Goals 3056 Hyperlinked Requirements Index n/a
Report on the Depth Requirements for
a Massive Detector at Homestake
0034 LBNE Global Science Objectives and Requirements(added 3/27/12) 4772
Sanford Laboratory ESH Standards n/a

LBNE Project Planning Documents

Title LBNE-doc-# Title LBNE-doc-#
Acquisition Plan (Draft) 5329 Preliminary Hazard Analysis Report (Draft) (revised 3/12/12) 4513
Alternatives Analysis
   Far Detector Technology - Guiding
(new 3/23/12)
  Far Detector Decision - Request for
(new 3/23/12)

Project Management Plan (Draft) (revised 3/19/12)

WBS Dictionary - LBNE

CD-1 Document Checklist 5750 Quality Assurance Plan (Draft) 2449
Configuration Management Plan (Draft) 5452 R&D After CD-1 4294
DOE Acquisition Strategy for LBNE (Draft) 5442 Review Recommendation Tracking 2863
DOE Preliminary Project Execution Plan (Draft) 5443 Risk Management Plan (Draft) 5749
Environment, Safety and Health Plan (Draft) 4514 Project-Managed Risk Register 2445
LBNE Project Organization Chart 5449 Subproject-Managed Risk Register (added 3/26/12) 2445
Security Vulnerability Assessment Report (Draft) 4826 LBNE Global Science Objectives
LBNE Global Science Requirements
Project Leadership Bios (added 3/29/12) 5786

LBNE Cost and Schedule Documents

Title LBNE-doc-# Title LBNE-doc-#
Cost Estimate Plan (Roadmap to Cost & Schedule Links) 4409 LBNE Milestone Dictionary 5727
CD-1 Cost Range Development 5747 Critical Path Schedule 5697
Estimate Uncertainty Methodology - Conventional Facilities 4238 Detailed Schedule 5697
Estimate Uncertainty Methodology - Technical Systems 4238 Cost Summary Reports 5717
LBNE Project Schedule to DOE CD-1 Review 3680 Cost Estimate Summary 5717
LBNE Electronic Cost Books and Basis of Estimates
Navigation Aid - For Reviewers
5692 Resource Reports (23MB) 5717
Critical Path 1-page Summary Schedule (added 3/26/12) 5697 Responsibility Assignment Matrix -WBS/OBS (added 3/27/12) 5779

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