LBNE Liquid Argon TPC Far Detector

LBNE Far Site Conceptual Design Review

LAr40 detector configuration within cavity Credit: Fermilab
Cross section of the TPC inside the cryostat Credit: Brookhaven

Chair: Howard Gordon
Cryostat and Cryogenics: Johan Bremer (CERN), Joel Fuerst (ANL)
TPC, Electronics, DAQ, Computing, Photon Detectors, Veto: Gary Drake (ANL), Peter Limon (consultant), Howard Gordon (BNL), Francesco Pietropaolo (Padova)
Cost and Schedule: Bill Edwards (LBNL), Bill Freeman (Fermilab)

CDR Volume 5: A Liquid Argon Detector for LBNE

Note that LBNE is still carrying two LArTPC far detector depth options, 800L and 4850L. The decision regarding detector configuration and placement will be made shortly after this review.

Volume 5: A Liquid Argon Detector for LBNE
Chapter titles:
Chapter 1: LBNE Liquid Argon TPC Detector Volume Introduction
Chapter 2: Cryogenics System and Cryostat
Chapter 3: The Time Projection Chamber and Electronics
Chapter 4: Data Acquisition
Chapter 5: Photon Detector
Chapter 6: Veto System

Chapter 7: Installation and Commissioning
Chapter 8: Engineering Prototype
Chapter 9: Detector Development Program
Chapter 10: Data Acquisition
Appendix A: Detector Parameters
Appendix B: Properties of Liquid Argon

LArTPC Supporting Technical Documentation

LArTPC Requirements and Parameters ARUP CDR: Cryogenics and Cryo Plant at 800L
LArTPC Requirement Traceback Reports ARUP CDR: Cryogenics and Cryo Plant at 300L and 4850L
Drawings and Illustrations Closeout Report from Nov 2010 LAr Review
LAr40 Process Flow Diagrams LAr40 Preliminary ODH Analysis
Conventional Facilities Documents LAr1 Prototype Review (Aug 2011) Materials
LAr Case Study

LArTPC Cost and Schedule Documentation

LArTPC cost and schedule documents LBNE Independent Cost Estimate Review (Jacobs Engineering)

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