LBNE Water Cherenkov Far Detector

LBNE Far Site Conceptual Design Review

WCD configuration within cavity Credit: Brookhaven
Exploded view of the PMT Assembly with candidate light collectors Credit: Fermilab

Chair: Bob Tschirhart
Water Containment and Water Systems: Fraser Duncan (SNOLab), Jim Mills (BNL)
PMTs, Electronics, DAQ, Computing: Bob Tschirhart (Fermilab), Gene Beier (UPenn), Sten Hansen (Fermilab), Bill Christie (BNL)
Cost and Schedule: Bill Edwards (LBNL), Bill Freeman (Fermilab)

CDR Volume 4: The Water Cherenkov Detector

Volume 4: The LBNE Water Cherenkov Detector
Chapter titles:
Chapter 1: Water Cherenkov Detector Volume Introduction
Chapter 2: Water Containment System
Chapter 3: Photon Detectors
Chapter 4: Electronics and Readout
Chapter 5: Calibration
Chapter 6: Water System

Chapter 7: Computing
Chapter 8: Installation and Integration
Chapter 9: Alternatives
Chapter 10: Enhanced Physics Capabilities
Chapter 11: Environment, Safety and Health

WCD Supporting Technical Documentation

WCD L2 Requirements and Req. Traceback Reports WCD Closeout Report from review 2010
WCD L3 Specifications
    Water Containment  -   PMT  -   Electronics
    Calibration  -   Water System  -   Computing
Memorandum on PMT Coverage
Value Engineering Forms
Risk Assessment Directory of WCD VE Proposals
Risk Forms Interface Control Document
South Coast Water System Conceptual Design (1) Conventional Facilities Documents
South Coast Water System Conceptual Design (2) CNA Report
WCD Liner Design Report (Golder Assoc) Water Containment Supporting Documents
WCD Bulkhead Design Report (Golder Assoc) LBNE WCD Cleanliness Plan
WCD Case Study

WCD Cost and Schedule Documentation

Cost and Schedule Documents LBNE Independent Cost Estimate Review (Jacobs Engineering)
List of BOE documents by WBS number

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