LBNE Near Site Conceptual Design Review

1-3 November 2011


Assess the status and adequacy of the conceptual design for LBNE Beamline, Near Detector, and the associated Conventional Facilities. This review is to identify areas of weakness, and to recommend actions necessary to bring these elements to the level required for a successful DOE CD-1 review, currently planned for spring 2012.

See a Brief Introduction to LBNE

Note that there are two beamline designs still under consideration: Proton beam extraction at MI-60, an existing installation currently used for the NuMI beam that NoVA would also share, and extraction at MI-10, which implies a new extraction point and a shallower primary beamline relative to the MI-60 design. The decision on which beamline configuration will be used for LBNE will be made shortly after this review.

Charge to the Review Committee

  1. Are the physics requirements clearly stated and documented? Have these requirements been translated into technical performance requirements and specifications? Is the design technically adequate and is it likely to meet the technical requirements?
  2. Can the design as understood today be expected to be constructed, inspected, tested, installed, operated and maintained in a satisfactory way?
  3. Is there adequate supporting documentation to support the conceptual design and the transition to developing the preliminary design?
  4. Have alternate designs been considered, and has there been sufficient engineering analysis performed to allow evaluation of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the alternates relative to the reference design?
  5. Are the risks (on technical, cost, and schedule basis) of the selected base design approach and alternatives understood and are appropriate steps being taken to manage and mitigate these risks?
  6. Have areas been identified where value engineering should be done? If value engineering has been performed, is it documented?
  7. Are the project organization and lines of responsibility clearly defined and sufficient to ensure the successful engineering and design of the project? Are the design interfaces between the Beamline, Near Detector, and Conventional Facilities groups understood and well enough defined to ensure a coordinated effort and an integrated design?
  8. Are there any other issues regarding preparation of the conceptual design for CD-1 that should be addressed?

Review Subcommittees

Overall committee chair: Jim Kerby, FNAL
Beamline subcommittee (chair: Paul Derwent, FNAL)
Near Detector subcommittee (chair: Vic Scarpine, FNAL)
Conventional Facilities subcommittee (chair: Jeff Sims, ANL)

LBNE Near Site Design Documents

Documents pertaining specifically to Beamline, Near Detector or Conventional Facilities are linked from those individual pages.
Risk Documentation Review Recommendation Tracking
Value Engineering Report Quality Assurance Draft Plan
LBNE Global Science Objectives
LBNE Global Science Requirements
Traceback: Global Requirements to Objectives
FESHM Chapter 1070 - Fermilab Work Smart Set (8/2011)
Questions from Reviewers Nov 1 Report on the Depth Requirements for a Massive Detector at Homestake

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